Simplification It was mix of the most inconsistent feelings.

On the one hand, the pleasure the daughter at last that was born.

Hope everything will be good also the most terrible behind.

Simplification childbirth already in the past.

On the other hand, Vika was not abandoned by feeling of disappointment: everything passed not as there was a wish and it was planned, it was necessary to do Caesarian, and to it it is so long vain to suffer.

From the third party, the girlfriend was tormented by fear.

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Also take

Also take The mood changes our perception of the world, but also we can change our mood.

A result we can create the world!

Probably, for the first time in the life Sasha understood that he can be master of his own live.

Also take me the word, these minutes it radiated happiness and an enlightenment as the novice a zen the Buddhist monastery, the solved koan.

All difference that this koan, this vital task seeming unsoluble paradox it put before itselfhimself.

And the answer found in these conditions does not remain abstraction on boondocks of consciousness, and at once changes the relation to the world and the place in it.

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Proclaiming Also there is it also when Serza urge women in labor not to be obedient patients, not to give itself in a charge of the doctor, entrusting to him to make decisions for itself, and actively to participate in process of childbirth.

Proclaiming ideal partnership option of the doctor and woman in labor, in practice Serza put the woman in the center of events, urging it to listen first of all to the body, but not teams of medical staff, and to assume more responsibility for the events.

When the woman does not take the responsibility for childbirth, it belittles the advantage and loses opportunity to feel all their charm.

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Also understand

Also understand Only in the first case anybody about this money, except the doctor and, perhaps, midwifes with the anesthesiologist, does not know only all guess and envy, and in the second ALL know.

Also understand that anybody specifically did not get this money.

Therefore it is not so offensive!

Someone will object me: the pier, will deliver by agreement the firstclass doctor who to you was advised by the knowing people and which from you will blow off motes, and under the contract it is not known who.

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But it means

But it means The child reads on you laws of world around, you the main component of environment.

The more you are open, the he will receive more information.

But it means that you personally loses the right for spontaneous reaction anger, offense, fatigue.

Drill yourself.

With your love everything is all right if you with pleasure watch daily changes in behavior of your children in spite of the fact that there is a strong wish for stability and constancy, and keep good mood, even when favourite offsprings with your point of view behave not correctly.

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