Wipe the child

Wipe the child The shower is for this purpose necessary.

Soap the child entirely and direct him a weak stream of water on some part of a body, urging to look at it if it is possible, to touch and repeat after you its name.

Watch closely reaction of the kid.

If you see any undesirable reaction, for example increase of a tone, stop game or try to make it not such active.

Wipe the child a rough towel, sometimes strongly pounding, sometimes only slightly touching a body.

It too can become game which will help the kid to feel better that part of a body which you pound.

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It is very

It is very The problem not only that will be difficult for the child in kindergarten or at school, he in general will be too susceptible to your absence after all you can get to hospital or die, or him can put in hospital.

It is very important that on the first year of life of the kid full roles were played by both both parents, and his brothers and sisters that other people more or less closely communicated with it from time to time.

It is important that time which the child spends with other people, was normal part of his life as it and happens to ordinary children.

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That I also

That I also Pressed a vein and hop!

hi, faint.

Probably, as that was reflected in the device ultrasonography monitor my gloomy state because the doctor right there bethought and ordered to turn to me who yet did not lose the consciousness remains sideways.

That I also made.

Darkness receded, and I felt under myself a firm couch again.

The doctor started a doplerometriya, and I silently lay and felt simply crushed by just received news.


I again and again repeated it about myself and could not believe!

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If to present

If to present I would like to combine in myself two of these heroes.

And here Andrey Zh.

it is Vasyas agemate and we will meet it still more than once.

If to present Kitezh an organism, I would be in it a virus.

But rather not I, and my habits smoking, roughness.

Earlier, when I was small, I could pull down something.

But now I grew up and improved.

I try to fight against the inner self with its bad part.

Only at me it not really turns out.

But I dream to become in an organism of Kitezh a white blood little body and to kill viruses.

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From the very

From the very All of us were dead drunk.

From the very beginning I was going to drink only two shot glasses because a day before it we quarreled with the father, and this time he ordered me to return early.

Well, I drank few times, then filled in from above with several bottles of beer, and me fine carried.

I so was afraid that the father will shout if I do not return to that, despite it, decided to go.

I did not even come out to the road ran into a mailbox and the parked car.

With me was everything is all right that you will not tell about cars.

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