On what it is necessary

On what it is necessary Especially as not so it and is difficult: in the first trimester we lean on proteins meat, fish, dairy products, in the second on vegetables, porridges and the same dairy products, and in the third we use easy food with a minimum of carbohydrates.

And without searches.

On what it is necessary to pay attention during pregnancy?

It is necessary to listen to the state, even to write down the doubts and then by all means to discuss them with the doctor.

If there is a tendency to diabetes or hypertension, any chronic diseases need also to be reported about it, WITHOUT WAITING until ask.

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We already

We already Why recommendations of the psychologist are necessary Main goal of research of intelligence obtaining certain recommendations.

Recommendations, at least approximately, contain the answer to questions that was reached by the child in the course of training, and what real success he will be able to achieve in the next years.

We already emphasized, the reality of parental hopes and expectations concerning is how important on what achievements of the child it is possible to count.

To try to teach to read or consider the child of five years with a level of development twoyearold means in advance to doom itself and it to failure, painful for all.

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I never ask on their

I never ask on their You have sex?

It was last time when I talked to it on a similar subject.

As he could expect that I will talk to him when compelled to tell me about about what I never wanted to tell it.

Li, years, Bellingham, Washington.

I asked that the bad is done by parents, asking teenagers on their sexual life.

I never ask on their sexual life!

All this very personal.

I want that they respected my private life, just as I respect them.

Jack Kvinz, New York.

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Time we the first

Time we the first In such situation you have a chance for serious conversation.

Time we the first addressed to you, we obviously want to talk.

The more you listen and show interest, the more we feel that to you not all the same and the more so frank we become.

It is best of all as I learned, for the teenager was when parents said something like: And what you felt?

, instead of flying into a rage and to demand the full report on with whom, where and when was.

When you ask that children thus felt, there are at once some things.

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On the poem

On the poem Who arrived in a nesting box?

Whether the new nesting box was pleasant to starlings?

Why you so think?

Where there are children?

What do they do?

Why children and the teacher smile?

Why children made nesting boxes?

How birds will help people?


On the poem course children carry out the corresponding movements.

Starlings messengers flied Young spring, they peck Worms And sing, sing, sing!

Game on attention Remember and call.

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