To watch

To watch What do we do with vegetables?

That did not become on subject Vegetables material; grant , fig.

To develop attention and storing.

To achieve answers the full phrase, using the word No or a combination Did not become.

To watch the correct coordination of words.

At first from two pictures one is moved away, then from three, from four.


People grant , fig.

To expand and make active the dictionary on the subject Family: Mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter; sits, costs, reads, jumps; big, old, small, etc.

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From clothes

From clothes EARNING OF ESTIMATES There is no other way: school this continuous estimation.

From clothes before game in a team school this one big competition, without speaking about competitions in study.

When business reaches tests, control and laboratory projects, we feel pressure from all directions: teachers, parents and even itself.

Here what problems arose most often at teenagers to whom I talked.

Mother and the father always abuse me for marks It seems a problem of parents: we, teenagers, do not study so well as you would like that.

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And on childbirth

And on childbirth And that at us as happens?

Rushed rushed during pregnancy, worked, settled all affairs, and then bang!

remembered what soon to give birth.

Also lets look for feverishly on acquaintances of the sane roddomovsky obstetrician of the gynecologist.



Calmed down.

And on childbirth crack!

and any discrepancy.

Quite can happen so that the doctor than that will not be pleasant to you.

Therefore if really we want to minimize possible punctures and annoying misunderstanding, it is necessary to reflect on the doctor already from the second half of pregnancy.

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While clumsy

While clumsy Than me that shop for pregnant women, so it by that there very convenient sofa for the expecting future daddies was remembered.

While clumsy girls on snosyakh for hours choose to themselves dresses, it is possible to sit and take rest When everything is good Each pregnancy is unique.

And each mother has on her the look, there is the experience, the history.

Over the past few years almost all my friends and many acquaintances had children.

And I own eyes saw how they endured the pregnancy.

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For example, to argue

For example, to arguee.

without what the official medicine does not think of safe and SAFE childbirth any more.

It would be possible to carp, of course, at Serzam on trifles.

For example, to argue with their point of view on enema otioseness.

I know that many women are frightened by this not too pleasant procedure, and they with pleasure would catch authoritative opinion of stars of world obstetrics on its uselessness if only to refuse an enema.

But I also know that the most responsible moment of childbirth attempts is similar to burning desire to descend in a toilet.

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