Components Recipe of baking clay: on four glasses of a flour one glass of salt and one and a half glasses of water.

Components to mix and knead manually about five minutes.

Give to each child a piece of such clay the size approximately about small grapefruit.

It is inedible dough of which it is possible to do New Years toys, various jewelry and figurines.

The molded products can be dried at the room temperature or to bake in an oven at a temperature of degrees approximately within minutes.

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From occupation

From occupation It was included into the content of the first occupations of this section.

From occupation to occupation transition from babble to the first words, from words to the phrase is traced.

Not incidentally after formation at the child of the dvukhslovny phrase occupation on improvement of syllabic structure and sound fullness of words that is important for further work on quality of the childrens speech as extension of the autonomous speech of the child at the subsequent stages of work can complicate this process is included.

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Actually, bones

Actually, bones Growth of muscles and bones too is part of the general development and in norm happens harmoniously.

Actually, bones grow under the influence of the muscles attached to them which pull them and force to grow.

We move or we are motionless, we carry out the difficult and consecutive movements, thanks to that the central nervous system precisely and sensitively regulates activity of muscles of a trunk and extremities.

However and muscles have to work surely.

For example, that the foot was bent in a knee, muscles of a forward surface of a hip which surround a patella patella and are attached to a tibial bone one of shin bones, have to stretch, and muscles of a back surface of a hip to be reduced.

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On it oxygen, result

On it oxygen, result Then Alenka put in office of intensive therapy, and Vika saw it only in two days.

The hypoxia, asphyxia made to the girl the diagnosis.

There was fear that it swallowed amniotic waters.

As it became clear after operation, at it was hard double obvity umbilical cords round a neck.

The umbilical cord constrained the child and did not allow it to move ahead on patrimonial ways.

On it oxygen, result asphyxia and falling of heartbeat ceased to arrive.

Of course, Vikina feelings and thoughts to describe very difficult.

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Therefore At them also there are no red signals which force teenagers to prick up the ears: Aha, the next washing of brains on drugs now will begin.

Therefore before squeezing out from itself: How there about these Yankees?

Yes, and about drugs too?

, it would be possible to reflect once again.

I assume that it, perhaps, very abrupt example, but you understand that I wanted to tell.

All unnatural does conversation too unnatural, and it does not work well from the very beginning.

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