The father

The father They quarreled directly on the bridge.

The father took me and incurred.

And I shouted, I want to mother.

We removed into the country, where clean air.

Our friend promised to give the house and work in the village near Tver there.

But parents swore and there … Well, from me apparently hid the quarrels.

Remember children feel not as we at all, for them it is more open.

Here remembered when I had a bright understanding!

Already in the village.

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All this

All this It still anything fifty years ago the wrong performance on a Communist Party meeting or at the wrong time the told joke could bring the person into a concentration camp or a condemned cell.

All this is very serious!

Society hammers signs of the correct behavior into the heads of the members all life in millions of small skirmishes, collisions and osoznaniye.

But if in the wood of people sees trees and therefore does not hurt about them, in the world of the relations, the child often fills cones, without noticing density and acute angles which stick out from the people surrounding it.

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It is not known, would

It is not known, would And that childbirth can have one million different scenarios and thus not the most favorable, they prefer not to speak.

It is not known, would begin to give birth after all to Vick of the house if did not oppose it Lesh.

He declared that categorically does not want that their HOUSE was associated at it in the head with childbirth.

Vika did not begin to argue.

Probably, she at heart and itself was not sure of correctness of such step.

Therefore began to look for medical institution in which would agree to give birth.

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During these

During these It is useful to control a mouth at games on development of movements of language and lips which help the kid to learn to murmur.

During these games seat him as it is shown in fig.

and see chapter about feeding.

When you tap on his upper or lower lip, turn language or open and close a mouth, slightly supporting the lower jaw, you have to show it the movements and combinations of sounds for which wait from it, for example and ohoh, ohohoh etc.

To learn only one sound or one movement of a mouth it is impossible it is unnatural and will only slow down development of organs of articulation and will fixate the child on this sound or the word.

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Mass gums

Mass gums If the mouth of the kid is badly closed or is too sensitive, control it the same as when feeding see fig.

, and, b.

Do not forget that not less important to clean gums, than teeth.

Mass gums in the direction from the gum basis to teeth.

To clean an external surface of teeth and gums it is necessary roundabouts, thus jaws of the child have to be closed, and the head is slightly inclined forward.

Over time the kid will learn to spit out water, a saliva and toothpaste.

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