Help children

Help children Have a talk with children that to become those whom they want to become, they need to get rid of the former ideas of themselves.

Help children to understand that changes are necessary for them as means of formation of their personality.

As an example it is possible to tell children that the acorn breaks up in half once to grow and become a mighty oak.

Or tell how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

The offered installation I welcome changes in the life as they help me to grow.

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It cannot

It cannot , b in such pose it is impossible to be curved and do bridge.

It is difficult for it to lean on hands and to crawl upon stomach therefore he prefers to move forward the head on a back, simply making a start feet.

It cannot unbend a foot in coxofemoral joints and fix position of hips and therefore, resting feet against a floor, it unbends a neck and a trunk even more and takes away hands.

It is very important to teach such children to other ways of movement.

Crawling As soon as the child gains ability lying on a stomach to control position of the head, extension of a trunk, stability in a humeral and pelvic belt and to transfer body weight on the one hand to another, it starts moving on all fours.

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And I had to refuse, for example, alcohol, and also

And I had to refuse, for example, alcohol, and also This thought sat in a subcortex.

It invisibly soared round us.

She inspired.

But also imposed certain restrictions.

And I had to refuse, for example, alcohol, and also to watch that also the husband did not drink in liters local wine which it is impossible to come off.

Or did not taste local seventydegree !


Or, at last, did not go in the evening to play poker with the local friends, if according to the schedule at us well, you understand.

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The reasons

The reasons In general, my supervision say that in this life it is necessary to pay for everything: and for ease of early pregnancy, and for pleasure of the late.

As practice shows, those young women who at first postponed the pregnancy until the best times, and after mi decided that these times already came, face more than once the problem sounded by me impossibility to conceive at once.

The reasons at all different.

More or less serious.

At someone polikistoz ovaries, at someone dysfunction, at someone a serious illness of a thyroid gland.

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The first

The first We specially did not exclude repetitions as not all readers will read chapters as their following, besides, often happens it is useful to remind that different difficult skills are under construction of the same simpler actions.

The first edition of the book appeared many years ago.

Since then views of that changed, as well as than it is necessary to be engaged with children with a cerebral palsy, new therapeutic concepts were created.

Also the relation to early intervention in development of children changed.

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