Whether it is enough

Whether it is enough But, the same popular wisdom claims that the person a window to the soul.

For sensitive consciousness of the loving parents of a shower of the child it is open.

Whether it is enough sterile safe attachment here?

For me this the term fashionable in the West well, besides, that in it is not felt by all forces.

Certainly that else we can demand from the professional therapist limited to quite justified framework of the law.

Who will allow foreign person to climb in soul, though and with the best intentions?

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On the other

On the other On the other hand, identity of the adult is dictated only by him.

Upon transition from childishness to courage, from girlhood to feminity, from the dictated identity to own the person has to pass a way difficult, full of doubts: this way is better known under the name youth, it is selfknowledge time.

The way of selfknowledge takes away teenagers in the dangerous places similar to the cellar of the boy by the name of Johnny: once heavenly spot filled with Lego and toy engines reminds a cave of teenage defects more now.

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You will

You will Here it, life, unpredictable piece.

You will plan to yourself all miscellaneous, and it bang!

also will give any surprise And at this moment in my head as the lightning, rushed new thought.

Mother native!

And that we for the girl have no name!

All of us touched mans names, and female that did not choose!

I began to think strenuously, as if I wanted to call the daughter, already started puzzling and here Remembered how a few weeks ago told the girlfriend Olya that we decided to name the son Danila.

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The maternity

The maternity The contract cost dollars.

Plus to vrachikha.

Total Expensively.

The maternity hospital is, of course, not that place where it is necessary to save but if it is possible to spend less for approximately same result why not to make it?

Frankly speaking, I did not know how to arrive, but the destiny interfered here.

It appeared that in the middle of March just when my term approached this maternity hospital is closed on traditional sink.

So to give birth in it neither for small, nor for big money I am not fated.

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Let children

Let children Suggest children to choose to yourself some beads or buttons that then to string them on a thread.

Let children will present that each bead or a button it they, and also relatives or people familiar to them: father, uncle Charlie, nurse, younger little sister, teacher, mail carrier etc.

Prompt to children that each bead or a button as well as the person, has the individual properties and unique appearance.

Bring children to thought that all these people unites something the general.

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