Under this

Under this After parents began conversation on alcohol intake, they asked, whether they know somebody with problems concerning alcoholic dependence.

Under this brand your child will imperceptibly tell of any alcoholic problem which is perhaps taking place in his life without feeling that issues important information on itself or close friends.

Then you will be able to talk to the teenager about those other children and will try to understand why they drink and as to help them.

This method is most effective with those teenagers who realize possibility of the problems but as show researches, it is not enough of them.

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They are capable

They are capable It can be not only offensive words, but also and unpleasant or sad news, criticism or the expression of mistrust or the word causing in us feeling of estrangement.

Such words sow discord among people as they deny that fact that other person the same child Sozdatelya, as well as ourselves.

But there are also other words.

These sincere words conduct us to light.

They are capable to ennoble us.

They allow us to feel sure, favourite and kind.

Such words help us to feel better that good that is in each of us, in other people and in all our world.

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Suggest If you wish, it is possible to distribute spheres to each child.

Lesson course Invisible gives the form seen here one more name of this lesson.

Suggest children to imagine that each balloon is the person.

Each of people is filled with breath of life, as if a mumpish sphere.

Suggest children to inflate spheres, filling them with breath of life.

Explain to children that the same as air is present at all spheres, and life is present at all people.

We see only outer side of a balloon or appearance of people.

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I borrowed

I borrowed We in Kitezh therefore we train children CONSCIOUSLY to CHOOSE SHAPES, to change them as required, to understand as well as why adults do it.

And thus not to identify itself up to the end with epizodichny masks until in soul the choice towards an ideal is not made serious.

I borrowed the term accept shape at the great science fiction writer Roger Úelazny.

It very poetically expresses thought of possibility of boundless perfection of the human person on the basis of the internal program provided that this personality can prolong the terrestrial existence as much as long in the novel Prince of Light.

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And an exit

And an exit Bill Ellsvort, Kansas.

Sometimes the truth seems terrible, but always there are ways to break fall.

And an exit as I understood from stories of Bill and other children, in that it is not simple to be limited to words that we have no money and the end to game, supposedly finish thinking about the rest, and to explain everything and to calm.

But it happens that it is impossible to prevent excessively painful reaction of children when they learn about serious monetary problems of a family.

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