It is possible

It is possible Generally, any trifles which can easily move without the aid of the adult will approach such toys are in any house much.

As a suspension bracket for a toy it is possible to use the old lamp shade, a hanger coat hanger wire or wooden with notches.

It is possible to pull over a bed a wire, a wire in plastic isolation or a scaffold and to tie different subjects to them.

Establishing a suspension bracket with toys, be convinced that they are located rather close to the child and get to a field of his sight.

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You already

You already Fight is a lot of alcohol and a lack of oxygen is a cause of infringement of natural functions of breath and heartbeat.

Words of the layman, strong alcoholic poisoning in the absence of medical care causes death.

End of history.

And in it real danger: when you accept a large number of alcohol in limited time, before you understand that are drunk and is time to stop, can be already too late.

You already drank much that the organism could consult.

I remember, I visited the sister in college and saw ambulance in the territory of the town nearly an every evening because someone from teenagers strongly got drunk.

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And sometimes

And sometimes And the good doctor is very necessary.

With it, I think, nobody will argue.

And sometimes happens and so that on snosyakh do not address to the womans doctors at all or come when already everything is started.

On one of the popular sites for pregnant women there is even such page The doctor why is necessary.

Means, really, our many compatriots prefer as in old times, not to interfere with natural process of incubation.

And of what only think?

And if God forbid serious problems in an organism, and if pathology, and if Yes there can be one million these if.

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In these conventions

In these conventions In these conventions it is said also that such children have to have opportunity to live in the family and to get an education at usual school see, for example, the Standard rules of providing equal opportunities for disabled people accepted by the United Nations General Assembly on December the resolution Unfortunately, within traditional domestic approach to the solution of problems of children with a cerebral palsy the obligations accepted by Russia cannot be executed, and these children will be constantly exposed to a segregation.

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My God, thanks! And who was right? My intuition

My God, thanks! And who was right? My intuition Well?


Who the boy or the girl?

We wait for the boy?

the doctor smiled.

At me eyes enthusiastically revealed.

My God, thanks!

And who was right?

My intuition never brings me!

Box of the most expensive candies now mine!

I do not even have words to describe my state of that time.

I was overflowed by a pride.

I, despite already rounded tummy, literally soared over the earth.

What this happiness to wait for the desired kid the boy!

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