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It was mix of the most inconsistent feelings.On the one hand, the pleasure the daughter at last that was born.Hope everything will be good also the most terrible behind.Simplification childbirth already in the past.On the other hand, Vika was not abandoned by feeling of disappointment: everything passed not as there was a wish and it was planned, it was necessary to do Caesarian, and to it it is so long vain to suffer.From the third party, the girlfriend was tormented by fear.

Also take

The mood changes our perception of the world, but also we can change our mood.A result we can create the world!Probably, for the first time in the life Sasha understood that he can be master of his own live.Also take me the word, these minutes it radiated happiness and an enlightenment as the novice a zen the Buddhist monastery, the solved koan.All difference that this koan, this vital task seeming unsoluble paradox it put before itselfhimself.And the answer found in these conditions does not remain abstraction on boondocks of consciousness, and at once changes the relation to the world and the place in it.


Also there is it also when Serza urge women in labor not to be obedient patients, not to give itself in a charge of the doctor, entrusting to him to make decisions for itself, and actively to participate in process of childbirth.Proclaiming ideal partnership option of the doctor and woman in labor, in practice Serza put the woman in the center of events, urging it to listen first of all to the body, but not teams of medical staff, and to assume more responsibility for the events.When the woman does not take the responsibility for childbirth, it belittles the advantage and loses opportunity to feel all their charm.

Also understand

Only in the first case anybody about this money, except the doctor and, perhaps, midwifes with the anesthesiologist, does not know only all guess and envy, and in the second ALL know.Also understand that anybody specifically did not get this money.Therefore it is not so offensive!Someone will object me: the pier, will deliver by agreement the firstclass doctor who to you was advised by the knowing people and which from you will blow off motes, and under the contract it is not known who.

But it means

The child reads on you laws of world around, you the main component of environment.The more you are open, the he will receive more information.But it means that you personally loses the right for spontaneous reaction anger, offense, fatigue.Drill yourself.With your love everything is all right if you with pleasure watch daily changes in behavior of your children in spite of the fact that there is a strong wish for stability and constancy, and keep good mood, even when favourite offsprings with your point of view behave not correctly.

Wipe the child

The shower is for this purpose necessary.Soap the child entirely and direct him a weak stream of water on some part of a body, urging to look at it if it is possible, to touch and repeat after you its name.Watch closely reaction of the kid.If you see any undesirable reaction, for example increase of a tone, stop game or try to make it not such active.Wipe the child a rough towel, sometimes strongly pounding, sometimes only slightly touching a body.It too can become game which will help the kid to feel better that part of a body which you pound.

It is very

The problem not only that will be difficult for the child in kindergarten or at school, he in general will be too susceptible to your absence after all you can get to hospital or die, or him can put in hospital.It is very important that on the first year of life of the kid full roles were played by both both parents, and his brothers and sisters that other people more or less closely communicated with it from time to time.It is important that time which the child spends with other people, was normal part of his life as it and happens to ordinary children.

That I also

Pressed a vein and hop!hi, faint.Probably, as that was reflected in the device ultrasonography monitor my gloomy state because the doctor right there bethought and ordered to turn to me who yet did not lose the consciousness remains sideways.That I also made.Darkness receded, and I felt under myself a firm couch again.The doctor started a doplerometriya, and I silently lay and felt simply crushed by just received news.WE WILL HAVE A GIRL!I again and again repeated it about myself and could not believe!

If to present

I would like to combine in myself two of these heroes.And here Andrey Zh.it is Vasyas agemate and we will meet it still more than once.If to present Kitezh an organism, I would be in it a virus.But rather not I, and my habits smoking, roughness.Earlier, when I was small, I could pull down something.But now I grew up and improved.I try to fight against the inner self with its bad part.Only at me it not really turns out.But I dream to become in an organism of Kitezh a white blood little body and to kill viruses.

From the very

All of us were dead drunk.From the very beginning I was going to drink only two shot glasses because a day before it we quarreled with the father, and this time he ordered me to return early.Well, I drank few times, then filled in from above with several bottles of beer, and me fine carried.I so was afraid that the father will shout if I do not return to that, despite it, decided to go.I did not even come out to the road ran into a mailbox and the parked car.With me was everything is all right that you will not tell about cars.

On what it is necessary

Especially as not so it and is difficult: in the first trimester we lean on proteins meat, fish, dairy products, in the second on vegetables, porridges and the same dairy products, and in the third we use easy food with a minimum of carbohydrates.And without searches.On what it is necessary to pay attention during pregnancy?It is necessary to listen to the state, even to write down the doubts and then by all means to discuss them with the doctor.If there is a tendency to diabetes or hypertension, any chronic diseases need also to be reported about it, WITHOUT WAITING until ask.

We already

Why recommendations of the psychologist are necessary Main goal of research of intelligence obtaining certain recommendations.Recommendations, at least approximately, contain the answer to questions that was reached by the child in the course of training, and what real success he will be able to achieve in the next years.We already emphasized, the reality of parental hopes and expectations concerning is how important on what achievements of the child it is possible to count.To try to teach to read or consider the child of five years with a level of development twoyearold means in advance to doom itself and it to failure, painful for all.

I never ask on their

You have sex?It was last time when I talked to it on a similar subject.As he could expect that I will talk to him when compelled to tell me about about what I never wanted to tell it.Li, years, Bellingham, Washington.I asked that the bad is done by parents, asking teenagers on their sexual life.I never ask on their sexual life!All this very personal.I want that they respected my private life, just as I respect them.Jack Kvinz, New York.

Time we the first

In such situation you have a chance for serious conversation.Time we the first addressed to you, we obviously want to talk.The more you listen and show interest, the more we feel that to you not all the same and the more so frank we become.It is best of all as I learned, for the teenager was when parents said something like: And what you felt?, instead of flying into a rage and to demand the full report on with whom, where and when was.When you ask that children thus felt, there are at once some things.

On the poem

Who arrived in a nesting box?Whether the new nesting box was pleasant to starlings?Why you so think?Where there are children?What do they do?Why children and the teacher smile?Why children made nesting boxes?How birds will help people?Fizkultminutka.On the poem course children carry out the corresponding movements.Starlings messengers flied Young spring, they peck Worms And sing, sing, sing!Game on attention Remember and call.

To watch

What do we do with vegetables?That did not become on subject Vegetables material; grant , fig.To develop attention and storing.To achieve answers the full phrase, using the word No or a combination Did not become.To watch the correct coordination of words.At first from two pictures one is moved away, then from three, from four.Family.People grant , fig.To expand and make active the dictionary on the subject Family: Mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter; sits, costs, reads, jumps; big, old, small, etc.

From clothes

EARNING OF ESTIMATES There is no other way: school this continuous estimation.From clothes before game in a team school this one big competition, without speaking about competitions in study.When business reaches tests, control and laboratory projects, we feel pressure from all directions: teachers, parents and even itself.Here what problems arose most often at teenagers to whom I talked.Mother and the father always abuse me for marks It seems a problem of parents: we, teenagers, do not study so well as you would like that.

And on childbirth

And that at us as happens?Rushed rushed during pregnancy, worked, settled all affairs, and then bang!remembered what soon to give birth.Also lets look for feverishly on acquaintances of the sane roddomovsky obstetrician of the gynecologist.Found.Agreed.Calmed down.And on childbirth crack!and any discrepancy.Quite can happen so that the doctor than that will not be pleasant to you.Therefore if really we want to minimize possible punctures and annoying misunderstanding, it is necessary to reflect on the doctor already from the second half of pregnancy.

While clumsy

Than me that shop for pregnant women, so it by that there very convenient sofa for the expecting future daddies was remembered.While clumsy girls on snosyakh for hours choose to themselves dresses, it is possible to sit and take rest When everything is good Each pregnancy is unique.And each mother has on her the look, there is the experience, the history.Over the past few years almost all my friends and many acquaintances had children.And I own eyes saw how they endured the pregnancy.

For example, to argue

e.without what the official medicine does not think of safe and SAFE childbirth any more.It would be possible to carp, of course, at Serzam on trifles.For example, to argue with their point of view on enema otioseness.I know that many women are frightened by this not too pleasant procedure, and they with pleasure would catch authoritative opinion of stars of world obstetrics on its uselessness if only to refuse an enema.But I also know that the most responsible moment of childbirth attempts is similar to burning desire to descend in a toilet.


Recipe of baking clay: on four glasses of a flour one glass of salt and one and a half glasses of water.Components to mix and knead manually about five minutes.Give to each child a piece of such clay the size approximately about small grapefruit.It is inedible dough of which it is possible to do New Years toys, various jewelry and figurines.The molded products can be dried at the room temperature or to bake in an oven at a temperature of degrees approximately within minutes.

From occupation

It was included into the content of the first occupations of this section.From occupation to occupation transition from babble to the first words, from words to the phrase is traced.Not incidentally after formation at the child of the dvukhslovny phrase occupation on improvement of syllabic structure and sound fullness of words that is important for further work on quality of the childrens speech as extension of the autonomous speech of the child at the subsequent stages of work can complicate this process is included.

Actually, bones

Growth of muscles and bones too is part of the general development and in norm happens harmoniously.Actually, bones grow under the influence of the muscles attached to them which pull them and force to grow.We move or we are motionless, we carry out the difficult and consecutive movements, thanks to that the central nervous system precisely and sensitively regulates activity of muscles of a trunk and extremities.However and muscles have to work surely.For example, that the foot was bent in a knee, muscles of a forward surface of a hip which surround a patella patella and are attached to a tibial bone one of shin bones, have to stretch, and muscles of a back surface of a hip to be reduced.

On it oxygen, result

Then Alenka put in office of intensive therapy, and Vika saw it only in two days.The hypoxia, asphyxia made to the girl the diagnosis.There was fear that it swallowed amniotic waters.As it became clear after operation, at it was hard double obvity umbilical cords round a neck.The umbilical cord constrained the child and did not allow it to move ahead on patrimonial ways.On it oxygen, result asphyxia and falling of heartbeat ceased to arrive.Of course, Vikina feelings and thoughts to describe very difficult.


At them also there are no red signals which force teenagers to prick up the ears: Aha, the next washing of brains on drugs now will begin.Therefore before squeezing out from itself: How there about these Yankees?Yes, and about drugs too?, it would be possible to reflect once again.I assume that it, perhaps, very abrupt example, but you understand that I wanted to tell.All unnatural does conversation too unnatural, and it does not work well from the very beginning.

The father

They quarreled directly on the bridge.The father took me and incurred.And I shouted, I want to mother.We removed into the country, where clean air.Our friend promised to give the house and work in the village near Tver there.But parents swore and there … Well, from me apparently hid the quarrels.Remember children feel not as we at all, for them it is more open.Here remembered when I had a bright understanding!Already in the village.

All this

It still anything fifty years ago the wrong performance on a Communist Party meeting or at the wrong time the told joke could bring the person into a concentration camp or a condemned cell.All this is very serious!Society hammers signs of the correct behavior into the heads of the members all life in millions of small skirmishes, collisions and osoznaniye.But if in the wood of people sees trees and therefore does not hurt about them, in the world of the relations, the child often fills cones, without noticing density and acute angles which stick out from the people surrounding it.

It is not known, would

And that childbirth can have one million different scenarios and thus not the most favorable, they prefer not to speak.It is not known, would begin to give birth after all to Vick of the house if did not oppose it Lesh.He declared that categorically does not want that their HOUSE was associated at it in the head with childbirth.Vika did not begin to argue.Probably, she at heart and itself was not sure of correctness of such step.Therefore began to look for medical institution in which would agree to give birth.

During these

It is useful to control a mouth at games on development of movements of language and lips which help the kid to learn to murmur.During these games seat him as it is shown in fig.and see chapter about feeding.When you tap on his upper or lower lip, turn language or open and close a mouth, slightly supporting the lower jaw, you have to show it the movements and combinations of sounds for which wait from it, for example and ohoh, ohohoh etc.To learn only one sound or one movement of a mouth it is impossible it is unnatural and will only slow down development of organs of articulation and will fixate the child on this sound or the word.

Mass gums

If the mouth of the kid is badly closed or is too sensitive, control it the same as when feeding see fig., and, b.Do not forget that not less important to clean gums, than teeth.Mass gums in the direction from the gum basis to teeth.To clean an external surface of teeth and gums it is necessary roundabouts, thus jaws of the child have to be closed, and the head is slightly inclined forward.Over time the kid will learn to spit out water, a saliva and toothpaste.

Help children

Have a talk with children that to become those whom they want to become, they need to get rid of the former ideas of themselves.Help children to understand that changes are necessary for them as means of formation of their personality.As an example it is possible to tell children that the acorn breaks up in half once to grow and become a mighty oak.Or tell how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.The offered installation I welcome changes in the life as they help me to grow.

It cannot

, b in such pose it is impossible to be curved and do bridge.It is difficult for it to lean on hands and to crawl upon stomach therefore he prefers to move forward the head on a back, simply making a start feet.It cannot unbend a foot in coxofemoral joints and fix position of hips and therefore, resting feet against a floor, it unbends a neck and a trunk even more and takes away hands.It is very important to teach such children to other ways of movement.Crawling As soon as the child gains ability lying on a stomach to control position of the head, extension of a trunk, stability in a humeral and pelvic belt and to transfer body weight on the one hand to another, it starts moving on all fours.

And I had to refuse, for example, alcohol, and also

This thought sat in a subcortex.It invisibly soared round us.She inspired.But also imposed certain restrictions.And I had to refuse, for example, alcohol, and also to watch that also the husband did not drink in liters local wine which it is impossible to come off.Or did not taste local seventydegree !chacha.Or, at last, did not go in the evening to play poker with the local friends, if according to the schedule at us well, you understand.

The reasons

In general, my supervision say that in this life it is necessary to pay for everything: and for ease of early pregnancy, and for pleasure of the late.As practice shows, those young women who at first postponed the pregnancy until the best times, and after mi decided that these times already came, face more than once the problem sounded by me impossibility to conceive at once.The reasons at all different.More or less serious.At someone polikistoz ovaries, at someone dysfunction, at someone a serious illness of a thyroid gland.

The first

We specially did not exclude repetitions as not all readers will read chapters as their following, besides, often happens it is useful to remind that different difficult skills are under construction of the same simpler actions.The first edition of the book appeared many years ago.Since then views of that changed, as well as than it is necessary to be engaged with children with a cerebral palsy, new therapeutic concepts were created.Also the relation to early intervention in development of children changed.

Whether it is enough

But, the same popular wisdom claims that the person a window to the soul.For sensitive consciousness of the loving parents of a shower of the child it is open.Whether it is enough sterile safe attachment here?For me this the term fashionable in the West well, besides, that in it is not felt by all forces.Certainly that else we can demand from the professional therapist limited to quite justified framework of the law.Who will allow foreign person to climb in soul, though and with the best intentions?

On the other

On the other hand, identity of the adult is dictated only by him.Upon transition from childishness to courage, from girlhood to feminity, from the dictated identity to own the person has to pass a way difficult, full of doubts: this way is better known under the name youth, it is selfknowledge time.The way of selfknowledge takes away teenagers in the dangerous places similar to the cellar of the boy by the name of Johnny: once heavenly spot filled with Lego and toy engines reminds a cave of teenage defects more now.

You will

Here it, life, unpredictable piece.You will plan to yourself all miscellaneous, and it bang!also will give any surprise And at this moment in my head as the lightning, rushed new thought.Mother native!And that we for the girl have no name!All of us touched mans names, and female that did not choose!I began to think strenuously, as if I wanted to call the daughter, already started puzzling and here Remembered how a few weeks ago told the girlfriend Olya that we decided to name the son Danila.

The maternity

The contract cost dollars.Plus to vrachikha.Total Expensively.The maternity hospital is, of course, not that place where it is necessary to save but if it is possible to spend less for approximately same result why not to make it?Frankly speaking, I did not know how to arrive, but the destiny interfered here.It appeared that in the middle of March just when my term approached this maternity hospital is closed on traditional sink.So to give birth in it neither for small, nor for big money I am not fated.

Let children

Suggest children to choose to yourself some beads or buttons that then to string them on a thread.Let children will present that each bead or a button it they, and also relatives or people familiar to them: father, uncle Charlie, nurse, younger little sister, teacher, mail carrier etc.Prompt to children that each bead or a button as well as the person, has the individual properties and unique appearance.Bring children to thought that all these people unites something the general.

Under this

After parents began conversation on alcohol intake, they asked, whether they know somebody with problems concerning alcoholic dependence.Under this brand your child will imperceptibly tell of any alcoholic problem which is perhaps taking place in his life without feeling that issues important information on itself or close friends.Then you will be able to talk to the teenager about those other children and will try to understand why they drink and as to help them.This method is most effective with those teenagers who realize possibility of the problems but as show researches, it is not enough of them.

They are capable

It can be not only offensive words, but also and unpleasant or sad news, criticism or the expression of mistrust or the word causing in us feeling of estrangement.Such words sow discord among people as they deny that fact that other person the same child Sozdatelya, as well as ourselves.But there are also other words.These sincere words conduct us to light.They are capable to ennoble us.They allow us to feel sure, favourite and kind.Such words help us to feel better that good that is in each of us, in other people and in all our world.


If you wish, it is possible to distribute spheres to each child.Lesson course Invisible gives the form seen here one more name of this lesson.Suggest children to imagine that each balloon is the person.Each of people is filled with breath of life, as if a mumpish sphere.Suggest children to inflate spheres, filling them with breath of life.Explain to children that the same as air is present at all spheres, and life is present at all people.We see only outer side of a balloon or appearance of people.

I borrowed

We in Kitezh therefore we train children CONSCIOUSLY to CHOOSE SHAPES, to change them as required, to understand as well as why adults do it.And thus not to identify itself up to the end with epizodichny masks until in soul the choice towards an ideal is not made serious.I borrowed the term accept shape at the great science fiction writer Roger Úelazny.It very poetically expresses thought of possibility of boundless perfection of the human person on the basis of the internal program provided that this personality can prolong the terrestrial existence as much as long in the novel Prince of Light.

And an exit

Bill Ellsvort, Kansas.Sometimes the truth seems terrible, but always there are ways to break fall.And an exit as I understood from stories of Bill and other children, in that it is not simple to be limited to words that we have no money and the end to game, supposedly finish thinking about the rest, and to explain everything and to calm.But it happens that it is impossible to prevent excessively painful reaction of children when they learn about serious monetary problems of a family.

It is possible

Generally, any trifles which can easily move without the aid of the adult will approach such toys are in any house much.As a suspension bracket for a toy it is possible to use the old lamp shade, a hanger coat hanger wire or wooden with notches.It is possible to pull over a bed a wire, a wire in plastic isolation or a scaffold and to tie different subjects to them.Establishing a suspension bracket with toys, be convinced that they are located rather close to the child and get to a field of his sight.

You already

Fight is a lot of alcohol and a lack of oxygen is a cause of infringement of natural functions of breath and heartbeat.Words of the layman, strong alcoholic poisoning in the absence of medical care causes death.End of history.And in it real danger: when you accept a large number of alcohol in limited time, before you understand that are drunk and is time to stop, can be already too late.You already drank much that the organism could consult.I remember, I visited the sister in college and saw ambulance in the territory of the town nearly an every evening because someone from teenagers strongly got drunk.

And sometimes

And the good doctor is very necessary.With it, I think, nobody will argue.And sometimes happens and so that on snosyakh do not address to the womans doctors at all or come when already everything is started.On one of the popular sites for pregnant women there is even such page The doctor why is necessary.Means, really, our many compatriots prefer as in old times, not to interfere with natural process of incubation.And of what only think?And if God forbid serious problems in an organism, and if pathology, and if Yes there can be one million these if.

In these conventions

In these conventions it is said also that such children have to have opportunity to live in the family and to get an education at usual school see, for example, the Standard rules of providing equal opportunities for disabled people accepted by the United Nations General Assembly on December the resolution Unfortunately, within traditional domestic approach to the solution of problems of children with a cerebral palsy the obligations accepted by Russia cannot be executed, and these children will be constantly exposed to a segregation.

My God, thanks! And who was right? My intuition

Well?Well?Who the boy or the girl?We wait for the boy?the doctor smiled.At me eyes enthusiastically revealed.My God, thanks!And who was right?My intuition never brings me!Box of the most expensive candies now mine!I do not even have words to describe my state of that time.I was overflowed by a pride.I, despite already rounded tummy, literally soared over the earth.What this happiness to wait for the desired kid the boy!


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